How to prepare for a family photo shoot


How to prepare for a family photo shoot. Wedding and family photographer in EU

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a family photo shoot.

1. The main thing is, of course, to agree on the date, location, and time of shooting with the photographer.

2. Choose your clothes carefully

Think about the choice of clothes in advance and make sure that the chosen clothes are comfortable and attractive. How do you want to see pictures of your family? Gentle and elegant? Then choose neutral colors and soft and smooth fabrics… think of creamy, very soft pastel colors, light brown and brown tones, gray and light blue. Want to show the fun and passionate side of your family? Choose complementary colors (but not a perfect match), with bright accents, such as shades of gray with yellow or bright red accents. Add fun accessories such as scarves, hats, ribbons, and more. If the photoshoot takes place at home or in the studio, you should take into consideration features of the interior, the color of the scenery, the style, and the design of the shooting. It is very important that the colors of clothes harmonize, but do not merge with the background. You can bring several sets of things. This will add variety and make your photos even more interesting.

3. Rest well and eat something before the photoshoot

Do not plan a photoshoot at a time when your child usually has a nap. If you have an outdoor photoshoot in nature, the best time is 2 hours before sunset or after dawn. A good photographer can take pictures at any time of the day, but it is at this time that the best photos with beautiful skin tones, warm light. Do not go to a photoshoot on an empty stomach, otherwise, the husband may quickly deteriorate. Have a snack and water, especially for children.

4. Ask husband to be an active participant

Рusband, please take an active part in the photoshoot and try to be fun. I know many dads are afraid of photoshoots, but parents, please understand how important it is to take photos of your families. When your children grow up, these photos will be a legacy for their own families. Family photos are stored forever and are very important. Please take part in photoshoots actively and with pleasure.

5. Have fun with the whole family and do not put pressure on children

Don’t be afraid to take your children and throw them in the air. Gently kiss your wife on the neck. Tell your husband how much you love him and how grateful you are to him for agreeing to spend time here with them. Have fun. Enjoy. You’re kidding. Hug. Kiss. Play. By doing all these things, you give your family photographer the opportunity to take photos of the real emotions and beauty of your family. Show the photographer who you really are so you can show it through your lens. Screaming and demanding young children to look at the camera and smile will only put your children in a state of stress (and the photographer too) and lead to tense, unnatural and unpleasant photos. The best photos are often the ones where everyone is busy and interacting with each other. Understand that not everyone in the photo should look at the frame and smile, especially children.

6. Bring games and equipment that you enjoy playing with the whole family

The most successful photoshoots come out when they are busy with games that they like to play together. It can be a board game for the whole family, favorite books, toys, paints. Such activities allow you to occupy your hands and feet, attract children, and create real smiles on your faces. When the family is involved in what they enjoy doing, the photographer has the opportunity to take natural and natural pictures.

And small details before the photoshoot, which should not be forgotten.

  • A few days before the date, make sure the clothes are clean and ironed. For dark clothes it is better to take a sticky roller with you for the photo shooting because all sorts of hairs and spots are very visible, you need a thorough cleaning.
  • In addition to basic clothing, think in advance about what kind of underwear to wear under it so that it does not stand out from under the clothes unless it is planned specifically.
  • If you are shooting in the studio, be sure to bring a change of shoes in which to be photographed.
  • You can take as many accessories and attributes as you want, the photographer on the spot will help you choose what is best for certain shots, the shooting scene, and your children’s favorite toys.
  • If the shooting takes place in a windy area or in the cool season, the skin and lips are especially dry. Therefore, it is better to use a moisturizer in advance, and for the lips to bring lipstick or balm if makeup involves a minimum of cosmetics.
  • The photo can be a close-up of your hands, bare feet, so take care of manicures and pedicures in advance.
  • For a photoshoot, you can pick up a special playlist of your favorite music that will help you relax and create a good mood.
  • Plan the route and time to get to the location, to the studio, because there are frequent traffic jams, take this into account and try not to be late for a photoshoot.
  • Do not hesitate to voice your wishes before shooting, consult with the photographer, because not everything can be corrected at the retouching stage, so it is better to discuss the details and some questions before the photoshoot.

I wish you a good photoshoot!